PALCCOAT Photocatalyst Coating

Reduce cleaning costs and create an environment-friendly space.

Exclusive Japanese patented self-cleaning coating

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Japan's "PALCCOAT series" photocatalyst coating can withstand higher temperatures and is more durable than glass. In addition to glass curtain walls, mirrors, windows, automobiles, stainless steel surfaces, etc., thecoating is also suitable for the surface of solar panels.

There are many invisible harmful substances around us, which pose a growing threat to our healthy life. Such as, air pollution caused by waste gas discharge, mold and miscellaneous bacteria harmful to human body caused by building materials, and stains, molds, rain stains, yellow spots and fading on the external walls of buildings. "Photocatalyst" keeps your building's surroundings and things clean and harmless.

Outstanding self-cleaning performance

  • Decomposing Ability

    When it receives light energy emitted by sunlight or indoor lighting, its surface will generate super oxidizing power, decomposing various nearby substances, so it can remove dirt and odors, and has anti-bacterial effects.

  • Hydrophilic Properties

    When the coating surface is wetted by rain, the organic dirt decomposes by oxidation, and the inorganic dust attached to the coating surface will float. It can be easily slid away by the rain.


What is a photocatalyst?

It is a characteristic of titanium oxide. When it receives light energy from sunlight or indoor lighting, its surface will generate a robust oxidising force, thereby decomposing various nearby substances. Since titanium oxide does not undergo any changes, this effect will continue to occur as long as it is exposed to light.

Titanium dioxide is a white powder (superfine particles) that has long been used as a white pigment. It is used for various usages such as coatings, dental material, toothpaste, and cosmetics. It is also used as a food additive for coloring in white chocolate, sweets, and chewing gums because it is tasteless, odorless, and harmless to humans.

*The correct spelling is "iron dioxide". However, the regulatory number as a food additive is "titanium oxide".

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