is a solar (photovoltaic) power generation product that is integrated into a part of the building's exterior structure. It is different from BAPV (Building Attached Photovoltaic), which is attached to a new or existing construction.

BIPV is a photovoltaic power generation system that is designed, processed and installed simultaneously as construction and becomes an integral part of the building. It is also known as "structural" and "building material" photovoltaic glass.

As a part of the external structure of the building, BIPV not only has the function of generating electricity but also has the function of building components and building materials, and can even improve the aesthetic feeling of the building and form a perfect combination with the building.

Customizable transparency

Generally, 10%~20% light transmission can meet the requirement of the lighting roof and the area with higher light transmission. As shown in the figure below, the effect is seen from indoor to outdoor.

bipv 5



bipv 4
Strictly select raw materials to ensure product quality

Core product structure

Laminated glass with CdTe film as the core of power generation material.

This kind of photovoltaic glass is pollution-free and radiation-free and can be customized with different light transmittances and appearance patterns. CdTe thin film photovoltaic glass can be mass-produced at low cost, allowing for rapid recovery of the investment cost of a BIPV system..

  • Safe and reliable

    Strength is greater than stone, tempered glass strength to meet construction needs.

  • Attractive and Functional

    Fully designed according to the requirements of building materials, designed for construction. Light transmission is adjustable, and customization on colour, pattern, and shape. Perfectly used with glass, stone and aluminium plates.

  • High performance and Cost-efficient


  • Energy-saving and environment-friendly

    Pollution-free in the whole production cycle. It has significantly reduced production energy consumption compared with polycrystalline silicon PV. Lowest carbon emission in similar products.

BIPV Cases