About us

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Provide all- round technical support

The only energy company in Hong Kong
Accredited by the Institute of Surveyors

We possess expertise in environmental conservation and greening of idle land, utilizing it to formulate substantial, sustainable, and stable future income plans for our clients.

Since 2018, the Solar Farm team has undertaken over 300 solar power system projects, with our engineering experience encompassing government constructions, private housing estates, commercial buildings, shopping malls, factories, schools, village houses, and standalone houses, among others. We are honoured to be recognised as the"Professional Solar Power System Brand"in the esteemed "Hong Kong Decorator Brand Awards 2021."

In addition to solar energy, we are committed to developing and introducing various eco-friendly energy-saving solutions, such as self-cleaning glass coatings and central air conditioning system repair coatings.


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Increase passive income

Enhance the value
of rooftop assets

Reduce the electricity bill

Reduce the indoor
temperature of buildings